* What is access?
* What is a Hosting?
* What is a web page?
* What is e-mail?
* What is e-mail

* What's my e-mail

* I don't have access,
 where's my e-mail
How do I put homes

* What is a search

* How do I get my
 name in the search

* Can I change my web

* How do I put homes

* Can I change my
 e-mail address?

* Can I change
 web address?

* How does a user find me?
* I have AOL and want
 to use Netscape!

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Ok! You have made it this far, I guess you understand how to get around. So I will not bore you with those little details!

Below you will be able to find information about INFO Las Vegas's web site, how to contact us, as well as other useful tidbits about the internet.
Q: What is access? (to the internet)
A: Access to the internet is like cable TV. In Las Vegas Prime Cable is your access service provider, or internet provider.. They bring the movies and channels to your home. America On-Line is an ISP, as well as SISNA, Comp u Serve, Access Nevada and mant others. These companies bring the Internet to your home. It is like getting a subscription to the internet. This is a different company than INFO Las Vegas. ILV is a Hosting service.

Q: What is a Hosting Service?
A: A hosting service or hosting computer is a system where you store your web page to be viewed by Internet users. It is like placing an ad on the internet.

Q: What is a web page?
A: A web page is a gathering of informative material, to better explain to an Internet user, who you are or what you do.

Q: What is e-mail?
A: E-mail is electronic messages. Just as you need a mail box at home to receive mail, you need an e-mail "box" on the Internet. This is the area that all of your electronic messages will be stored until you log on to the net via your access provider, (AOL, Compu-Serve, local dial up access) and retrieve them.

Q: What is e-mail forwarding?
A: This is what we at ILV do so that you can use an ILV address and have your messages sent to your e-mail box or to a fax machine.

Q: What's my web address?
A: Your web address is associated with your business name. If you are a real estate agent and your name is John Doe your web addresses is: This is the first letter in your first name added to your last name. Please call our office if your not sure what your website address is.

Q: What's my e-mail address?
A: If you have access to the internet, your ISP will have assigned you an e-mail box. This has an address that looks something like; On ILV we give an address that closely resembles your web address. If your name is John Doe your e-mail address would be Please call our office to confirm your e-mail address.

Q: I don't have access, where's my e-mail going?
A: At ILV we have the ability to send ALL your e-mail messages to your fax machine. Just click here and fill out this form and the system will send all your e-mail to the fax number you provide.

Q: How do I put homes on-line?
A: Fill out the "Listing form" COMPLETELY and place it at your front desk, give us a call at 257-1562 and we will pick it up. Pick up days are:
  • West of 15 - Thursdays
  • East of 15 - Wednesday Back...

    Q: What is a search engine?
    A: A search engine is a place that you can go and enter a set of criteria, hit the go button, and get some sort of a result that will allow you to get to the place that you are searching for.

    Q: How do I get my name in the search engines?
    A: There is a web site called Submit It! that has easy to follow templates that will submit your web address to many of the popular search engines, and it's FREE.

    Q: Can I change my web address?
    A: You can only change your address if you have a custom set-up. If you are an agent and are on the template format plan you must use the assigned web name. This name is picked by the system and follows the format described above.

    Q: Can I change my e-mail address?
    A: Yes! You may have what you want (if available), as long as it is of reasonable length. (no more than 15 charchters)

    Q: How does a user find me?
    A: This is a three part answer:
    1. Use Submit It! to get your name in the search engines.
    2. Invest into Advertising Banners; These banners are stragitically placed on the internet so that when a user crosses paths with an ad, he/she will be provoked (by the ad copy) into clicking on the banner, which in turn will take the user to your site! ILV has them ALL over the place. (see and type las vegas as the search) and AOL. ILV also has ad space available on the ILV site.
    3. One of the most important places people need to advertise their name, never get touched. Lets say you are a business and you have something to sell. If you advertise in the paper or in a magazine, but, you do not put in your phone number. How many people do you think will spend the time to TRY to find your number and ask about your product? Back...

      Q: I have AOL and want to use Netscape! How?
      A: Click Here and download the version of Netscape that was made especially for America Online Users. Back...