Maybe there's a good reason
you haven't yet quit smoking

While there's much to commend the various techniques and slogans out there, you'll find most of them are based on a single-focus argument. But maybe their reason not to smoke . . . isn't your reason not to smoke.

If what they're saying doesn't address what's important to you, it's pure human nature to just dismiss it. And keep on puffing. But there is a common sense answer to this, and it can be found in the program called -

The beauty is that while all 99 ways combine to create a compelling deterrent, hidden treasure lies in the particular points that speak directly to you, that fit hand in glove with your unique values and priorities.

What's more, it's easy, easy, easy to use. Just pop in the tape - and relax, listen, and let the affirmations redirect your thinking to all the negative aspects of staying hooked and the positive aspects of breaking free. The program is recorded several times on both sides for multiple exposures and easy replay. And an included guide shows you how to customize the program to carry it even further, if you so desire.

And best of all, it's so very inexpensive. Since there are no paychecks for instructors, no fees for sessions, and no costs for supplies - there's also no comparison in price.

Now you can find your own personal key to being smoke-free.

Break away from the pack - starting today!

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