Entertainment - Tipping Guide

The city of Las Vegas is an entertainment center for visiting tourists and relies on tipping to keep the economy healthy. The general rule of thumb says that when in doubt tip 15-20% or more.

Bartenders - $1-$2 each time you are served a round of drinks.

Bellmen - $1-$2 a bag is very customary. They can be a valuable source of information while you are here. Check with them for recommendations for shows, golf courses, or directions to a specific location. They should also earn a tip for service.

Buffet Food Servers - 75¢-$1 per person at your table--more if they are helpful and get your drinks and refills too. They are often overlooked for the GREAT service they do.

Change Persons - He/she can offer information on which specific machine is likely to hit. If it does, then about 10% of your jackpot is customary.

Child care - Have you ever tried to keep kids occupied while on a vacation? If so, then you will understand that $2-5 for a couple of hours of sitting is appropriate.

Cocktail Waitresses - Most casinos offer FREE drinks as long as you're gambling, so $1 or $2 every time she brings you a round is appropriate.

Dealers - Customarily you can offer a tip while you are winning or you may place a bet on the side for the dealer. Who knows, this might bring you GOOD LUCK!

Poker Dealers - Customarily for each pot you win, offer a friendly dealer $1 or more.

Doormen - $1-2 a bag is customary. Also, a $1 tip should be given if they hail a cab for you.

Keno Writer/Runner - Tip $1-$2 during play and 10%-15% if you are winning.

Limousine Driver - A 15-20% tip should be given depending on the quality of service.

Maid/Housekeeper - $1-5 a day is sufficient, depending on how messy your room has been. Turn down service would require additional tipping.

Masseuse/Masseur - 15-20% of service cost is customary for this hard work---more if you've got "backne."

Pool Attendant - $1-2 for services, such as fetching towels and chairs, providing information, etc.

Room Service - Customarily 15-20% is normal. Be aware, however, that a number of hotels automatically add gratuities to your room service bill. Ask when you place your order over the phone or check your in-room menu.

Showroom Maitre d' - Several years ago there were no reserved seats in any showroom. Today, though, many showrooms have seating location numbers printed right on your ticket. In this case, there is no real reason to tip the usher much for that service. Only a few showrooms continue the maitre d' system and $5-10 for a decent seat is normal. If you have the option to choose your own table or to use a booth a $50-100 tip should be quite effective.

Skycap - $1-2 a bag is the usual amount for a tip.

Taxi Driver - $1-2 and change is OK with a total under $10, above that about 15% would be appreciated.

Valet Parking - Parking is generally FREE at most Las Vegas hotels. A $1-2 tip when your vehicle is retrieved is appreciated.

Waiters and Waitresses - The custom is 15-20% if the service has been good--more if the service was exceptional.


Concerts & Gigs - Need a break from gambling and the buffets? Try the Las Vegas nightlife with all the thrilling shows and concerts, you'll never wanna leave this town!

Tours - Check out the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and other places of interest by Helicopter, Bus, Airplane or Off Road. We have all the best tours available.

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